Dontations & Gifts of Money

Books, CD's & Other Items

The library accepts donations of gently used: Books, Magazines, Music CDs, Books on CD, and DVDs. Please call the library at 641-673-0441 before making your donation.

The library staff may not assign a dollar value to a donated item. A receipt may be given to acknowledge the donation but value of the donation is for the donor to establish. Donated items, if used for the collection, will be shelved in the regular collection where they are most useful rather than on separate shelves that take them out of logical sequence. Plaques of recognition for gifts must receive prior approval from the Library Director.

The library is under no obligation to replace gifts if they are lost, damaged or worn, or to keep them after they have become obsolete or are of no further value to the library. The same criteria used for selection of regular library materials will be used in evaluating gift materials. If a donated item is not added to the collection, the library reserves the right to use it for the book sale shelves. The money from the book sale shelves is used to purchase new books for the library.

Gifts of Money

The library welcomes gifts of cash, bequests, insurance policies, legacies and the like. Unless otherwise requested, such gifts will be used for collection development or major projects deemed suitable by the Library Board of Trustees. Gift and bequests of $1000 or more are usually given to the Library Foundation unless otherwise specified by the donor.

(Oskaloosa Public Library Gifts Policy - Adopted: April 1997 / Revised: April 2020)