Makerspace Lab Costs

Depending on what station or area you are working in, there might be an associated cost in the Makerspace Lab.  Most of these costs are associated with the machines in the Crafter's Corner and are for the materials you are using to create your project.  That can be a button, laminating papers, printing something on the 3D printer, as well as other things.

When you have a cost associated with the Makerspace Lab, we will add that to your library card account and you can pay for the materials or items at the 1st floor Circulation desk.  These costs may change without notice and costs may be added when new materials and machines get added to the Makerspace lab.  Below is the current cost list for the Makerspace Lab.

Makerspace Lab Price List (as of 02/24/2021)

Item Price Note
Book Binding Combs $ 0.25
Buttons $ 0.25 Small or Large size
Cricut 12X12 sheet $ 0.40 Vinyl or Iron on
Cricut Mug $ 7.50 Includes 1 mug & 1 infusable ink sheet
Lamination $ 0.50 This is per foot, minimum of one foot
Paper - Cardstock $ 0.20
Paper - Regular $ 0.20
Photo Paper $ 0.20 4X6 sheet
Rock Tumbling $ 0.50 This is per rock
3D Printing per gram $ 0.15
3D Printing per minute $ 0.05 If grams cannot be determined